Thursday, November 08, 2007

Corrupt Nigerian Government Wants $44 Billion From Multinational Tobacco Companies

There are issues in Nigeria I deliberately ignore, because it would be a sheer waste of my precious quality time.

I ignored the contract scandal of the former Speaker of the lower house, Ms. Patricia Etteh until I formally reported the news of her resignation.
All the legislators in the National Assembly should be arraigned for electoral malpratices and murder of hundreds of people during the horrible and terrible elections last April. Elections which the local and international monitors reported were rigged and most voters rejected the results. The present administration does not have any democratic legitimacy.

The present news making headlines on major news channels is the $44 billion suit against the tobacco companies in Nigeria.
Nigeria is suing them for damages for public health costs incurred for treating smoking related diseases over the years.
What a scam!

The Federal High Court in Abuja should dismiss this case for lack of documented evidence and breach of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) they duly signed with Nigeria before opening their offices and farms in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government and the three states suing the tobacco companies are just being manipulated by the enemies of these duly registered companies.

British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International, and the International Tobacco Company have been registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

The British American Tobacco Company of Nigeria is more committed to sustainable human development projects in Nigeria than the corrupt Nigerian government and state governments.

These criminals in the Nigerian government are always looking for ways to scam multinational companies operating in Nigeria.
After they have made millions of dollars from ransoms by using their hired guns to attack and kidnap foreign oil workers in the Niger Delta region, they have now turned their nefarious eyes on the multinational tobacco companies in Nigeria and suing them for $44 billion, a colossal amount, that is larger than the annual budget of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa and with the most corrupt ruling party in Africa.

Let me brief you about the British American Tobacco Company in Nigeria.

The British American Tobacco Comapany is a public quoted company with thousands of Nigerian shareholders and the company has been executing the following projects in Nigeria:

1.Sunstainable Agricultural Development Prokect

2.Sustainable Water Project

3.Sustainable Environmental Project and

4.Poverty Reduction and Economic Empowerment.

The agricultural project is the most laudable as outlined below.

Entrenching modern farming techniques among farmers.

Having recognized the role that agriculture plays in the development of Nation, BATN Foundation conceived and developed agricultural programs to empower traditional subsistence farmers to adopt modern farming techniques.

This program involves the establishment of model farms for the cultivation of Cassava, Maize, Watermelon and Rice. In order to enhance farmers’ income from their agricultural produce, the Foundation has built Cassava and Palm oil processing cottage industries in Nigeria.

From its pilot scheme in Ago-Are, this Agricultural Development Initiative has as at today been rolled out to more communities in Nigeria. Some of these communities are Tede and Agro-Are in Oyo State, Jima in Niger State, Amaokwe-item in Abia State, Afia-Nsit Uda-Nko in Akwa Ibom State, Odosimadegun in Ogun State and Akpap-Otoyong in Cross Rivers State

In addition the BATN Foundation has embarked on direct empowerment of farmers through establishment of dynamic and cohesive co-operative groups and enabling the groups with financial take-off to serve as resolving loan.

This is the same company that the so-called Federal Government of Nigeria and three state governments are suing for damages and what else?

You can see how ignorant and stupid the head of state of Nigeria and the three governors are?

Now, you can see why Nigeria is still misguided and misruled?


Beauty said...

During the wasted OBJ years where the buzz was about debt forgiveness and investments, our cries were about corrupt practices and the same is true with these grand plans. 1st stop and reflect on the root causes of our problems. Until we get rid of these daft and cluless hippos on rampage we can continue to dream about pie in the sky.

Nigeria is not a poor country and until we stop going after small change and trying to get rich quick, we will remain poor to all. Raising cash is not brainware, it is what to do with the pile of cash that is genius. How about a $10Billion/per country corruption levey on all the state sponsored corporations in our country?

Going after the major tobacco companies for topence that will get tied up in court for decades does sound like playing the ambitious card and mirrors the half baked Central Bank of Nigeria strategic agenda for the Naira in August 2007. It is still about corruption and exposing these common theives for what they are.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you for your frank analysis of the political anomie plaguing Nigeria.

We are going to build a new nation from the debris of the damages done by the corrupt rulinng class.

God bless Nigeria.