Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Has Called For President Pervez Musharraf To Step Down

Puja Bharwani reports

Nov. 13 - The detained Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has called for military leader Pervez Musharraf to step down as the country's president.
Bhutto has long called for Musharraf to step down as army chief but this is the first time she has called for him to quit as president altogether.

Military ruler Musharraf set off a storm of criticism when he imposed emergency rule on Nov. 3. He suspended the constitution, sacked most judges, locked up lawyers, rounded up thousands of opposition and rights activists and curbed the media.
Musharraf has come under mounting pressure from Western allies to set Pakistan back on the path to democracy.

· Lahore Police Chief Aftab Cheema
· Benazir Bhutto via telephone

Nigerian Times Commentary:

Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is not an angel and no matter her provocative outbursts, she cannot make President Pervez Musharraf the devil.

Mrs. Benazir Bhutto, from her chequered political biography is not the best leader for Pakistan and no matter her fallacies and hypocrisies, majority of the citizens of Pakistan would vote for Pervez Musharraf than vote for her. She is just a political impressionist and she does not have the support of the military and the support of the military matters more than the support of her emotional followers.

Her house arrest is for her own safety and security and Prevez Musharraf is only doing his best to protest her and save her from being assassinated.

If Benazir Bhutto thinks Pervez Musharraf is her worst enemy, she is wrong.

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Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say tribal elders in waziristan all say same thing.

look like benazir working as agent in place for western intel. cia and british seeking to depose musharaff (or chastize severely him ) for refuse commiting the war crime against him tribal people in NWFP.

this walking coup all the concoct in washington dc and him cia agent write the script.

neocon spy in whitehouse and pentagon him wanting benazir for puppet while cia control all and mass the murder of the tribes.

usa media so control for keep usa people the ignorant. but usa be punish even now. him daughter take the LBT (low back tattoo) and slut have him sex with every man, even usa gang member. this the true punish for ameriki let wicked to killing so many people of middle east.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

You have just said the truth from your heart.

We should not be swayed by the hypocrisy of Western gunboat diplomacy.

The political hysterics of Benazir Bhutto as you noted are the antics of a Western puppet.

We should say the truth
and damn the wrath.

Cheers and God bless.

Beauty said...

"Her house arrest is for her own safety and security and Prevez Musharraf is only doing his best to protest her and save her from being assassinated" cannot be justified. Benazir Bhutto is an opportunist like most politicians and understood the implications of her actions.

The dictator alrady made clear that "Any criticism of the head of state, members of the armed services and any other senior member of government is banned. Anyone breaking these rules faces a three-year jail term and a 10 million rupee fine."

If you piss off people in power, you should be prepared to spend quality time away. It is not idea but that is the reality. Nigeria's story mirror that of Pakistan which has failed to become either a democracy, a theocracy or a permanent military dictatorship.

One size democracy does not fit all in the 3rd world. A little bit of ethics, morality and deep concern about order and relationships in a more productive and constructive way of life is still missing regardless who rules here. A combination of different ways could help pull this desperate country out of the jaws of hell.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Have you seen the smart move of the very intelligent Pervez Musharraf?

He has lifted up the house arrest of Benazir Bhutto and sworn in a highly respected Justice to head an interim government to hold the democratic elections early in 2008.
I watched him as he explained his actions on CNN.

Cheers and God bless.