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World's Leading Oil Conference Reveals African Future

19th Africa Oil Week 2012 from Jerome Svikovsky on Vimeo.

Africa's Premier International Oil & Gas Event

27 Sep 2012 09:30 Africa/Lagos

World's Leading Oil Conference Reveals African Future

CAPE TOWN, South Africa and THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, September 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

19 th Africa Oil Week held from October 29 th until November 2 nd in Cape Town

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With over 900 delegates from 75 countries and 85 presentations from leading speakers - representing super-majors, independents, national oil companies, governments, licensing agencies and banks - the 19 th Africa Oil Week shall host the world's leading deal-making and senior-level networking oil/gas industry in Africa, thus retaining its reputation as one of the top world-class conferences on the global calendar.

Global Pacific & Partners' event will be held from October 29 th until November 2 nd in the Pavilion Conference Center in Cape Town, along with the 14th Scramble for Africa Strategy Briefing, the 47th PetroAfricanus Dinner, the 9th African Independents Forum and the 19th Africa Upstream Conference, ending with the well-known traditional 'braai' (barbeque) on the Cape waterfront.

Showcase presentations are made by key companies and investors in Africa. For instance Dr Duncan Clarke, chairman and CEO of Global Pacific & Partners, tells about future opportunities for independents in Africa. During the Upstream Conference new explorations and discoveries in Equatorial New Guinea, Nigeria, Mozambique and the Maghreb countries are revealed. Executive vice-president Ian Cooling of Anadarko tells about the exploration journey his leading super-independent made across the continent during the PetroAfricanus Dinner.

Many of the leading players involved in the Eastern Africa acreage and gas boom are either on the speaker program or have registered as delegates and exhibitors.

Global Pacific & Partners celebrates over 30 years of in-depth engagement inside and within the African oil and gas industry across all regions and key countries. From 1980 on its efforts were directed at in-depth research on oil and gas across all countries and on national oil companies in Africa for governments and private clients, plus on the ventures and strategies of a growing cast of corporate competitors.

Later on the company started an advisory practice and began organizing conferences and strategy briefings. The well-established PetroAfricanus Club has hosted 46 dinners with over 4,000 guests.

CEO Duncan Clarke has published various studies and analyses on the African oil market and exploration.

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