Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There Are Over 60 Million Generators in Nigeria

"Currently, there are about 60 million generators in Nigeria at the ratio of one per household of 2.5 people with an annual spending of N1.6 trillion."

~ Dr. Kabir Usman, Director-General of Centre for Management Development.

Dr Usman further said that the presence of the too many generators has caused many deaths in the nation as a result of carbon monoxide emission.

He revealed that the Nigeria's highly inadequate supply of electricity adds 40 per cent to the cost of goods produced in the country. According to him, "the situation has compelled many industries to either shut down or relocate to neighbouring countries."

He also said that the poorest Nigerians paid more than N80/kwh burning candles, kerosene and firewood while manufacturers paid between N45 and N60/kwh on diesel to run their generators.

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