Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nigeria In the Eyes of Rick Ross

RICK RO$$ is an American rapper whose latest video "Hold Me Back" is telling the truth about Nigeria with facts as shown in this short video documentary and contrary to the critics, he is not lying about Nigeria.
Nobody should hold Rick Ross back from showing the ugly realities in the most populous country in Africa.

The Nigerians criticizing Rick Ross are just like the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan who prefers to live in denial of the failures of the Nigerian government.
Majority of Nigerians are suffering and dying in blighted areas, because the corrupt government has failed to provide for them. The corrupt politicians and their accomplices in power have been misappropriating the revenue allocations meant for the security and welfare of the citizens.

Nigerians in Nigeria are stigmatized and traumatized by the breakdown of law and order as the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic terrorists on rampage in the northern states are still attacking and killing innocent people and destroying government targets in suicide bombings and guerrilla raids, kidnappers are attacking and kidnapping innocent people in the south-eastern states and pirates are attacking oil pipelines and depots to steal over 150, 000 barrels of crude oil valued at N2.6 billion daily and armed robbers are also giving the law abiding citizens sleepless nights in the south western and south-southern states of Nigeria. Yet, the President of Nigeria and his rented crowd of sycophants, political jobbers and their beneficiaries are boasting that their corrupt government is transforming Nigeria and making Nigeria one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but the realities in Nigeria are in contrast to these claims.

Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala faces an uphill struggle in reforming the economy of one of the world's most corrupt nations.


Nigeria has the lowest HDI ranking among OPEC members of the. Iraq is ranked 24 places above Nigeria, with a life expectancy of 69.0 years.

* Population: 158.4 million - national statistics bureau.

* GDP: IMF currently estimates Nigerian GDP at $270 billion

* Growth for 2012: Nigeria revised down its forecast for this year to 6.5 percent but expects this to jump to 8.04 pct next year before easing to 7.43 pct in 2014.

* Stock market capitalisation: 6.6 trillion Nigerian naira ($41.9 billion).

* Annual inflation has hovered between 12 and 13 percent this year. The central bank's target is single digits.
~ Reuters.

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