Thursday, September 01, 2011

Wanted: More Ambitious Women For Nigerian Men

Mrs. Peju Adebajo, the young Managing Director/CEO of Mouka Limited

Wanted: More Ambitious Women for Nigerian Men

Until you break out of the shell, you can never excel to rule your world.

You wonder why many women and men are still single and searching in Nigeria?

We do not have enough ambitious women.

Most of our women have little or nothing to offer the men.

We need ambitious women who can make a great difference in our lives.
Nigerian women like Mrs. Peju Adebajo, the young Managing Director/CEO of Mouka Limited, whose dignity, integrity, nobility and humility make her the pride of her husband and family and a blessing to Nigeria.
We need more women like her in Nigeria.
Women who can make us proud, and not liabilities.

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ZHANG YIN (also known by her Cantonese name, Cheung Yan) was the eldest of eight children of a lowly Red Army officer who was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution for “capitalist offenses”. Today she is one of the world’s richest self-made women, with an estimated fortune of $1.6 billion. In the early 1980s, as a dogsbody in a paper mill, she noted that the waste paper her superiors so casually discarded was actually worth something. She has been capitalizing on her insight ever since.

Note that what made ZHANG YIN a billionaire was from her realization that the waste paper her superiors so casually discarded was actually worth something.

Nigerian women have their own dreams, but majority of them have allowed the dictatorial and sexist Nigerian men to either compel or talk them into discarding their dreams and become cowardly submissive to the men. And what have the men done for the women?
Playing tin-gods to them.

A typical Nigerian husband thinks buying a posh car for his wife and living in a luxury apartment or duplex is a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT that would be all for life.
How much is the total cost of a posh car and a mansion in Nigeria?
Patapata, N200, 000, 000 (two hundred million naira) only.
So, that is all you and your dreams are worth?
Less than USD$2 million?
Is that all and why God made you for on earth?

That is the best and greatest ambition of majority of Nigerian men and selfish pursuit for such social status symbols have left Nigerian men and women mere consumers of perishable luxuries, without producing the tools we need to develop a productive nation.

Nigeria is a poor nation of redundant women at the mercy of shortsighted Nigerian men who have failed to excel in nation building.

Nigerian women must break out the shell of their bondage and challenge the men from the bedroom to the boardroom and achieve more even where the men have failed woefully, in leadership.

There is no romance without finance.
So, be more ambitious to make a great difference and see how much your success will make you more independent and more productive.

The ambition of Nigerian women must go beyond their bottom power and rise to higher grounds of human achievement in nation building.

Men respect independent women and often insult those who are not.
So, do you want men to respect you or disrespect you for life?

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~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,
Thursday September 1, 2011.

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