Monday, September 05, 2011

4 Most Shocking Facts on Dirty Habits in Nigeria

Market women and their children prepare a meal at their slum settlement in Lagos, Nigeria June 10, 2006. The world's growing number of poor slum dwellers is a ticking time bomb that governments dare not ignore, the United Nations said on Friday. (George Esiri/Reuters)

4 Most Shocking Facts on Dirty Habits in Nigeria

1. 33 million Nigerians defecate in the open depositing 1.7 million tonnes of
fæces in the environment annually.

2. 20% of Nigerians expect to be consoled for farting or belching without apologies.

3. 90% of Nigerian food vendors and cooks handle food immediately after blowing their noses.

4. 90% of Nigerians don’t wash their hands after urinating by the roadside.

People defecating in the open in Nigeria

The unhygienic ways of life in Nigeria have made life expectancy to drop below 48 years and may continue to drop until majority of Nigerians stop their unhygienic lifestyles. And the government should sack the stupid Minister of Health who said, “Dying is global. Perhaps is the turn of Nigerians to be dying young. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.”
The minister is just another Nigerian dumb-ass who is worsening the incompetence of public service in Nigeria.

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