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Obama, Hillary Spar in Debate Led By Virtual Wolf Blitzer in FIX8 'Fix That Issue' Video

16 Apr 2008 14:05 Africa/Lagos

Obama, Hillary Spar in Debate Led By Virtual Wolf Blitzer in FIX8 'Fix That Issue' Video

Voters Join in the Fun with Free Download, Become Favorite/Least Favorite Candidates, Debate Each Other Via Live Video Chat, Share on YouTube

LOS ANGELES, April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- FIX8, a division of Mobinex, Inc., a leader in virtual communications technology, today unveiled the company's "Fix that Issue" video featuring caricatures of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Wolf Blitzer sparing on a virtual game show. The video, which can be viewed on YouTube ( or at, demonstrates the capabilities of FIX8's Presidential Candidate Avatar Pack that's now available for a limited time as a free download.

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"Virtual reality offers a completely new way for people to engage with the candidates and playfully discuss topics with a much-needed sense of humor," said FIX8's VP of Marketing, Susan Nia.

The limited-time free software, now available for download at, allows users to become their favorite or least favorite candidates and debate each other live via video chat. Users can also create and post FIX8 videos across all the leading social networks as well as video sharing and comedy sites.

Nia said, "It's simple. Just launch the software, look at your webcam and replace your face with Hillary's. She will move when you move, speak when you speak. Now what will you make her say, is the question!"

FIX8 digitizes human expressions via webcam in real time. The software can be used to spice up video chat on IM services including AIM, MSN, Skype and Yahoo. FIX8 videos can also be shared on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other comedy or political comedy sites with video sharing capabilities.

"We look forward to seeing what people come up with given their strong views on this election. At least in virtual reality, the mudslinging is a little less messy, but a lot more fun," added Nia.

About FIX8

FIX8 is a new media company that blends Internet and mobile platforms with rich streaming video creation, editing and sharing capabilities. FIX8 is a FUN, creative new way of communicating. Developed in response to rapid growth in video sharing, social networking and user-generated content, FIX8 is the future of rich interactive communication. Headquartered in Los Angeles, FIX8 has offices in China and Vietnam. FIX8 is a division of Mobinex.

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