Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jeremiah Wright and Miley Cyrus: The Fall of the American News Media

Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Who pushed the American mainstream media off the wall?
Rupert Murdoch or those Arianna Huffington called the lunatic fringe elements?

The best news in America is the childish and foolish debate over whether Miley Cyrus posed topless or backless for Vanity Fair magazine and the political nonsense over Rev. Jeremiah Wright's right to his own opinions.

Miley Cyrus

Americans want Rev. Jeremiah Wright to give up his life long convictions on calling a spade a spade without apologies or regrets, but he has proved to be a man of principles.
Senator Barack Obama cannot dictate to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and make him retract his unpatriotic statements. Rev. Jeremiah Wright is not Barack Obama's Man Friday.

Senator Barack Obama is so desperate to win the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party that he ready to even push his spiritual godfather over the cliff.

As the American news channels are falling over themselves over Miley Cyrus's photographs in Vanity Fair and the personal principles of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, more American soldiers are being killed in Iraq and these heroes never made headlines or cover stories.

Is this the American Dream of the Founding Founders of America or the American Nightmare?

God help America.

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