Thursday, April 17, 2008

The American News Media Must Not Mislead the American People

American journalists are not getting better, but worse.
Blogs and YouTube are even more trustworthy and spot on than the Main Stream Media(MSM).

There is nothing new to know about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Most of the reports on them are from the recycle bin.

The American news media had the chance to promote the anti-war protests to end the war in Iraq, but the chance was abandoned to sensationalize the American presidential campaign.

If only you can publish the cover story of every American soldier killed in Iraq and propel the motion to impeach President George W. Bush, Americans will be happier and merrier.

If Bill Clinton was impeached for his private sex life, then George W. Bush should have been impeached for misleading America into a suicidal war in Iraq.

It is not too late for the American news media to launch the "IMPEACH PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH!" campaign before the presidential election, except you want the GOP to remain in power in 2009.

The number one priority of the MSM should be forcing the American government to withdraw the American troops from Iraq and not masturbating over Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The fact is, the Democrats cannot end the war in Iraq in 2009., but the American news media can actually force the US Congress to impeach President George W. Bush before 2009 and end the war in Iraq.

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