Monday, September 18, 2006

Re: Spiritual Niggers: Islam and the West

I read RJ Eskow's critical article, Spiritual Niggers: Islam and the West and I have to comment on it and I have e-mailed my rejoinder to him.

Dear Sir,
I have just read your "Spiritual Niggers: Islam and the West" and the comments on the
Huffington Post

I have addressed the most critical issues on Islam and Christianity in my latest collection of poems Scarlet Tears of London.

I am a Christian from a very strong Roman Catholic background in Nigeria and I have lived and worked for Muslims and sat with Imams to discuss their Koran and our Holy Bible.

As Christians we must not have apologies or regrets whenever we preach against an evil or any religion that does not accept our Saviour Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Islam is antiChrist.

Pope Benedict XVI does not owe any Muslim or Muslims any apology and you cannot threaten and intimidate him to apologize or regret his statement against the evils of Islam.

You can also read my Satan in the Vatican in Scarlet Tears of London.

I don't like ignorant commentaries and statements by people who don't live in Islamic communities. Because you cannot see Islam clearly from your rose-tinted Western glasses.

To know the truth about Islam, oblige to spend only two months in Iran or even Saudi Arabia. Then you will see the true colours of Islam.

Muslims in American and Europe are free to have their own mosques and Islamic centres and even free to preach their Islam in Times Square and other open grounds in America and Europe. But can Christians do the same in Iran and Saudi Arabia?

How many American and European Muslims do you see on the streets condemning the murder of innocent Christians in Nigeria, Turkey, Iran and other Islamic domains?

During the riots over the controversial Danish cartoons of prophet Muhammad, innocent Christians were attacked and murdered in broad daylight by Islamic terrorists in Northern Nigerian, including the murder of a Christian mother and her five children who were burnt to death in public; a priest was disemboweled and another Christian woman who was pregnant was disemboweled in public. And none of the so called peace-loving Islamic clerics in Nigeria or elsewhere came out to condemn these dastardly acts perpetrated by their fellow Muslims. Because, most of the decisions to attack and murder Christians were taken during meetings in their mosques with the consent of their Imams and Mullahs.

Now they have just murdered an innocent Nun in Somalia. And this Nun was helping these poor and miserable Muslims in a hospital and they have killed her. And have you heard, read or seen any public condemnation of this dastardly act by the Muslims in America and Europe? They are pretending to be ignorant of this evil and they continue to deceive and fool themselves that they are peace loving?
Even the antichrist comes pretending to be an angel of light.
And Islam is antichrist!

Can you Muslims enjoying the liberties of the freedom of speech and freedom of worship in America and Europe allow Christians to preach and practice their Christianity in public places in Iran and Saudi Arabia where copies of the Holy Bible are destroyed and nobody dares to challenge or protest? But once you hear, read or see any statement against your prophet Muhammad in the foreign media, you scream blue murder and go on your terrorist suicide-bombings of America, Europe and other places.

You refuse to tolerate the Christian religion in your own Islamic countries, but you want Americans and Europeans to tolerate your own Islamic religion with your Islamic impunity.

Are you not wicked hypocrites and liars?

If you cannot tolerate Christianity in Islamic countries, then why should we tolerate your Islam in America, Europe and Australia and other non-Islamic countries?

I cannot tolerate the religion of those who cannot tolerate my own religion.

Say the truth and damn the wrath of the devil.

I repeat again, call a spade a forking spade!


Anthony Arojojoye said...

I think you'll have to join Salmon Rushdie quickly where he's hiding.
Don't let Jihadists start looking for Bonny Island.

mrs riccardo said...

You're right on the money brother. I'm behind you 100% and sick and tired of walking on eggs around this religion.

saby said...

hey Ori

why didnt u show up for my bday bash !

TANKS for the wishes

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Well as you know, I am not the only one saying the truth.

I am ever vigilant 24/7. But our Almighty God Jehovah in control of my security and welfare.

Mrs. Riccardo,
The simple fact is, these Arabs in America and Europe enjoying the liberties of democracy don't allow Christians to even talk about Christianity in their Islamic countries.

If you convert to Christianity, they would threaten to kill the Christian converts and many have been killed, because they rejected Islam.

I am sure God made your birthday extra-special.

God bless.