Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Can Help NATO

President George W. Bush Beating About The Bush.

NATO is in dire need of more troops.
The US asked for 2,500 soldiers to increase the forces in Afghanistan and could only get 20 soldiers!

I don't blame those who are scared of going to fight the insurgents in Afghanistan. Because, the dangers in Afghanistan are worse than in Iraq. But, I can really help NATO.

I have seen the worst battles in modern warfare during the Nigerian civil war. So, I have the experience.

I can supply even 20,000 dare devils in 24 hours.
Battle-tested and proven commandos who have fought and survived the bloodiest conflicts in the wars in Africa.

NATO can contact me.

I supply on demand.

There are hundreds of thousands of trigger happy mad men in Canada who will be willing to go and commit suicide in Afghanistan than go on rampage on a college campus. So, an open demand for such lunatics would bring thousands of such made gunmen to NATO and I bet you that these paranoid lunatics would even smoke out Osama bin Laden and his rattle snakes out of their holes and dislodge Taliban fighters from their southern strongholds in Afghanistan.

In case you are man enough and can dare the devils in Afghanistan, send me your resume.

Lest I forget, I am an equal opportunity employer. So, gays may apply.
But, please, if you are sacred of watching Dracula and other horror movies, don't even bother to apply. Afghanistan is no place for kids whose worst nightmares are watching the monsters on Cartoon Network.

Now, from our correspondent in the White House:
Here goes Bush beating about the bush again


christabelle said...

"I can supply even 20,000 dare devils in 24 hours"

Come on Osinachi, 20,000 dare devils? from where?

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The entire post was a political satire.

God bless.

Chxta said...


Anthony Arojojoye said...

Hmmmn....baba Bakassi.
There are more than enough hungry guys here who can be given raps of cannabis to bring even the head of the queen.
Those politicians are gonna need you then for their 'campaigns'.