Friday, September 01, 2006

Letter To Sudan: The Bloodshed Must Stop Now!

When I look at the chaotic state of current affairs in the world and look at developed countries like Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Newfoundland and others of similar peaceful environment I wonder why we cannot emulate them. Because, the prevailing ignorance of the majority of Africans and Arabs have caused more havoc in the world than even the worst natural disasters in history. And we fool ourselves in our erroneous and ambiguous religious beliefs claiming to know the Almighty God, but the horrors of our own crimes and evils have shown that we don't believe in God. Because, if we truly believe in God, we should obey His commandment that we must love ourselves and not cheating, lying, exploiting, robbing, fighting and killing ourselves in our ungodly acts of greediness and wickedness.

If you can pass on the above message to both the Sudanese government and rebels through their leaders you can reach, please do. Because, all we need is the common sense to see that fighting and killing ourselves worsen our predicament and war damages the sanctity of humanity and at the end of it all, we would be worst off.

When will Africans learn from the horrible and terrible mistakes of the past?

Are we still a primitive race or are we civilized?

Are we not capable of living and working together in love, peace and unity?

Are we fools or are we wise?

If we say we are wise, then why are we behaving like fools who cannot govern themselves as the civilized countries like Norway, Austria, Switzerland and others where there are no longer brutes fighting and killing themselves as we do among ourselves in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe?

Are we not ashamed to be the laughing stock of America and Western Europe?

For how long do we want to continue destroying ourselves?

Can't we for once, lay down our arms and think twice and listen to the voice of the conscience and say God forbid! We shall no longer continue to fight and kill ourselves over things that we cannot take with us when we die?

Enough is enough!

The bloodshed must stop now!

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