Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Can The Jews and the Arabs Dwell Together in Peace?

Dear Mazim Qumsiyeh,

Does Israel have the right to co-exist with you Palestinians?

If yes, I will recognize you and your cause.

But if no, I will be against you and your cause.

I believe in live and let me live in peace as God has given me the right to life and to live in peace with my fellow humans.

I am against anyone who attacks and kills innocent people. Be you Jews or

God bless.

Dear Orikinla:

I actually wrote a book on the subject. Perhaps you will take the time to read it. It is called Sharing the Land of Canaan.
Sharing indeed is what Palestinains have always called for.

The problem lies elsewhere: in an exclusivist ideology calling for apartheid. In the words of the Israeli artists declaration:

"If the state of Israel aspires to perceive itself as a democracy, it should
abandon once and for all, any legal and ideological foundation of religious, ethnic, and demographic discrimination.

The state of Israel should strive to become the state of all its citizens.

We call for the annulment of all laws that make Israel an apartheid state, including the Jewish law of return in its present form"

(artists' Declaration 2002).

Also this is not about Jews vs Muslims or vs Arabs (just as much as the violence and problems in South Africa under apartheid were not white vs black). I myself am a Palestinian Christian.

I urge you to look into issues like apartheid, racism, and ethnic cleansing since that is the etiology of the disease (violence is the symptom).I hope you will take the time to get some information not from mainstream media(that fails to tell you much of what is really going on). Here is a place to start to look into the origin of this problem (from Jews for Justice in the Middle East): The Truth

You can also browse my website at Qumsiyeh


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