Monday, February 13, 2006

Send Dick "the chicken" Cheney To Iraq

While real American heroes are busy fighting and dying for the American Dream in Iraq, Vice President Cheney is busy hunting quail in a ranch?

What a joke!

The ridiculous news that Cheney accidentally sprayed his companion Harry Whittington with birdshot is very annoying!

Dick "the chicken" Cheney should be sent to Iraq to join the Marines in manhunting for real game-Osama bin Laden and other wild animals.


Jill said...

People here in Texas are having a good laugh. All the late night talks shows will be joking for weeks to come. But, it seriously, it show to me, just how mean Cheney is. He has yet to make a public statement. He in not a popular man. Thank God he will not be running for President. I think that when God was passing out compassion, Cheney must have thought he said trash compactor and said "don't need one". If people didn't like Cheney before, they really don't now.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Cheney has now made a public statement on the hunting accident.