Thursday, February 09, 2006

Press Release / the Palestinian American Congress /USA

The Palestinian American Congress(PAC) sent me a copy of their Press Statement minutes ago.

Press Release / the Palestinian American Congress /USA
February 4, 2006
National Executive Committee
New York

A spokesman for PAC / USA National Executive Committee stated,” PAC / USA expresses regret and concern over the recent violence and unfortunate rhetoric surrounding the cartoons published in a Danish newspaper and other European newspapers depicting offensive images of the prophet muhammad.The cartoons defame the Prophet Muhammad and are offensive to the world's 1.4 billion Muslims, whose religion reveres the Prophet as the final messenger from God after Prophet Jesus, bearing the message of monotheism. The cartoons have caused protests, diplomatic actions and threats of boycotts across the Muslim world.

Many Muslims around the world are justifiably offended at the images, as they reinforce stereotypes about Muslims and Islam and come on the heels of years of oppression and persecution against many Muslims around the world. However, we unreservedly reject the recent violence directed at Europeans and European embassies and consulates; and we challenge those responsible to work toward more constructive solutions to the problems of racism worldwide and the brutality of occupation especially in Palestine. Brutality is never an answer to injustice and disrespect.
Western critics of the negative response among Muslims say the newspapers have freedom of speech and, apparently, no responsibility to monitor themselves. European journalists claim that in defending free speech, they are defending “the very bedrock of Western civilization." But when a cartoon appeared in the Independent in 2003, depicting Prime Minister Sharon of Israel eating the head of a Palestinian child while saying:
"What's wrong? You've never seen a politician kissing babies before?" Jews in Britain and around the world erupted with indignation. Offend Zionist Jews and the world erupts in indignation. And this was an anti-Israel cartoon, not anti-Semitic. A cartoon that is offensive to Muslims, on the other hand, is depicted as an _expression of 'free speech. This is hypocrisy.

We hope that recent incidents do not inhibit future improved relations between the West & the East and non-Muslim Europeans and Muslims around the world. Only together can we work effectively toward universal justice.

The Palestinian American Congress / USA
New York
February 04, 2006
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