Monday, February 20, 2006

The Hysteria Over The Danish Cartoons And The Trial of Free Speech

I have been expelled by Sokari Ekine from the African Volunteers of Global Voices Online, because of my views on the wickedness of the Muslims who attacked and killed innocent Christians, including a priest and three children in Northern Nigeria over the Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammed.

The undemocratic decision of Ms. Sokari Ekine has only betrayed the very essence of the existence of Global Voices Online. Because, she has allowed her personal bias to dictate her rejoinder to my right to Free Speech on the emergencies in our country Nigeria after irate Muslims razed several churches and murdered innocent Christians in their violent protests over the controversial Danish cartoons in Maiduguri, Northern Nigeria.

Did Sokari consult other members of the African Volunteers before taking her Unilateral and Dictatorial Action to expel me from the African Volunteers?
So Much For Free Speech and Press Freedom.

The local mainstream media is trying to cover up the full details of bloody mayhem over the Danish cartoons in Northern Nigeria so that the news will not spread fast to the Christians in Southern Nigeria who will not waste time to retaliate.

The Muslims dominate Northern Nigeria and the Christians dominate Southern Nigeria. But, the Christians are very peaceful and don't attack Muslims no matter the verbal provocation, but the Muslims are always attacking Christians in Northern Nigeria over provocative issues caused by Americans or Europeans.

I mean, are we Danish? Or did we tell the Danish cartoonists to draw caricatures of Prophet Mohammed?

It is incredible how these demons in the masquerade of their religion react to any critical remark on their prophet and religion.

If critics criticize your peculiar belief, simply refute the erroneous or offensive remarks or allegations and do your best to correct the erroneous or misleading expressions and go on defending your faith and beliefs and not going on rampage to attack and destroy lives and properties. As in the case of Nigeria, they attacked and killed innocent Christians, including children and burnt down churches in their region! Why?

These are not spontaneous violent attacks, but orchestrated attacks planned from their mosques. All their decisions and actions are always taken and planned from their mosques where they are always swearing and cursing the "infidels" as they label all those who are not Muslims and their ultimate mission is to convert all "infidels" to Islam by peace or by force. That is what they call their Jihad. The vehicle of their religious terrorism.

I will not accept the imposition of any religion by force of violence or dictorship and I shall oppose all forms of religious, political and economic tyranny. And I shall defend the fundamental human rights to freedom of __expression, to live in peace and let others live in peace as well. Because, nobody, race or creed should oppress and suppress another if we want to live in peace, security and unity on earth.

My mission statement has always been:
“Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.”
~ Thomas Jefferson ~


George said...

The nigerian killings havent crossed m y radar until now. Why is main stream media not covering this

m said...

Now, friend did you or did you not say the following:

The Muslims in Nigeria are not even true Muslims, but demons in the masquerade of Muslims! I trust
my people to retaliate very very soon.

Imnakoya said...

Your post doesn't accurately state the reasons you were fired, Orikinla.

Why not?

Publish the mail you sent to the forum. State that you sent embarassing mails to Sokari, and left "some comments" on her blog, put everything in the right context, man. Then we can see if she didn't do right by firing you.

cile said...

well, no.
i think i can understand the fact that orikinla showed himself very upset with the nigerian reality-sequency version on the danish cartoons. he had quite a good foresight on how this would chain up into further violence, and deads.

he apologised for his first way of putting it in the GV mailinglist, but it was clear that he was very worried about it all.

he admitted that the word 'trust' wasn't the right word he wanted to use, and everybody on the GV-list could read that too.

the reactions on the GV list were really too quick, i mean, it escalated very soon, and if we want to keep up with all the nasties around, we'd better listen better, to eachother, and try to understand the surroundings of the people involved.

the situation in nigeria is very tense since some time now. the 'warword' is on may peoples lips in nigeria, as i heard some 3 months ago from someone who travels regularly to and through nigeria.

so hey, how about peoples emotions in tense realities?!

further: i have no idea if anything happened behind 'screens', but even that was denied by Sokari herself. so i don't see what is the real fuzz here, but it leaves me with some tough questions indeed.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I have just returned from scenes of the mayhem in Eastern Nigeria.

I said my people would retaliate and NOT THAT THEY SHOULD RETALIATE and my warning was ignored and my subjective statement that true Muslims wouldn't have done what happened in Nigeria was also misinterpreted.

As I alerted the rest of the Global Voices Online, the worst has happened and over 200 innocent lives have been lost in Northern and Eastern Nigeria over Danish cartoons that the victims never even saw?

Will true Muslims disembowel an innocent priest and set ablaze a house with a mother and her children and they were burnt to death.

Sokari is in her comfort zone in Europe and Imnakoya is in his comfort zone in America, but I am right here in the bloody Niger Delta and I risked my life to travel by road at night to Yenogua, Onitsha and to Lagos and I am now back to Bonny Island.

I have been to the North and South, East and West of Nigeria as a Unicef Consultant and I have served both Muslims and Christians. So, who is talking?

akin said...

It is strange that one of the primary goals of Global Voices is

3) To advocate for freedom of expression around the world and to protect the rights of citizen journalists to report on events and opinions without fear of censorship or persecution.

The latitude that freedom of expression offers means that there are times when issues degenerate to personalities or even worse.

However, if reporting from location excites a lot more emotion than can be mustered by those who observe from afar, then it has to be reviewed in that context.

It is all the more interesting that the editor for Sub-Saharan Africa sits in Europe - that definitely obviates the essence of global.

We in Diaspora do have to give more credence to those in the thick of it even though expression might not be to the quality or taste of a global audience.

Magnanimity rather than intemperance would be of greater benefit to all concerned.

We can risk losing foreign editors, but definitely not those who can go there and feel the heat.

My penny's worth.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

There is the complex I label, "My Disaster is worse than yours" syndrome".

Everybody is blogging about Iraq and the other disasters and crises in the Middle East and Asia and most of them ignored the horrors in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote D' Voire, Congo, Sudan and other disasters in Africa and such hypocrisy is totally unacceptable to me.

Anonymous said...

I dont think you have to put all muslims in Nigeria into one baskets and insult them over some group of people being ignorant and tyranical in their actions. You have the freedom of expression but not in an agreesive and abusive way.... Whatever happened to objective expression, you kept blaming everyone but yourself, and that aint fair!!! that is all I have to say!!!