Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Please, No Homosexuality in Nigeria.

Opposition to gay relations is deep-rooted in Nigeria, with the bulk of the north’s Muslims and the south’s Christians united in their hostility toward homosexuality.

Recently the Nigerian government proposed a law to ban homosexuality and some so called gay activists said the law would be the violation of human rights?

Nigerian Times supports this law and Nigerian Times is against all forms of sexual abuse. Homosexuality is the worst form of sexual abuse after rape.


sokari said...

In what way is homosexulity sexual abuse? Abuse of whom? There is no abuse between CONSENTING adults whether hetrosexual or homosexual. You may not agree with homosexuality and that is your right. What makes you think that you are entitled to rights but homosexuals are not. The worst group of sexual abusers in this world whether in Africa or elsewhere are men and the worst group of them are husbands and fathers abusers of their wives and daugthers.

Homosexuals are no more and no less guilty of sexual abuse than any other group of people. It is misinformation like this that is used to stir up hatred against people. Live and let live. I am sick and tired of people making judgements about others who are harming no one and simply wish to live their lives in peace and harmony.

Thank goodness there are Christians like like and Bishop Desmond Tutu adn the late Coretta Scott King -these are the people who are true human beings.

I am proud to be a defender of human rights of all people and I am proud that I do not judge people by their race, their sexuality, their ethnicity, their age, their religion or their gender.

Linda Ikeji said...

Defender of abnormal and unhealthy sexual abuse?


Sampsa said...

“Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.”
~ Thomas Jefferson

nigeria, what's new said...

Almost anything can be tolerated, except intolerance. Have you experienced extreme prejudice?

Many people dislike homosexuality because it's "not natural". Gays are still viewed by a lot of people as morally corrupt and sexually deviant. But a vast proportion of gay men don't wear leather thongs and don't visit sex clubs. A vast proportion of lesbians don't have cropped hair, don't have tattoos and don't wear lumberjack shirts.

They cover a whole spectrum of interests and identities, in exactly the same way that you do.

Society should celebrate diversity rather than pointing fingers and calling people abnormal. The only way in which homosexuals differ is the gender to which we're attracted, yet that seemingly trivial difference is the cause of so many problems.

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