Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Tale Of Two Nigerian Rebels In Abuja

The headlines on Nigeria in the international media are on the two revolutionary leaders,namely Ralph Uwazurike, who founded the south-eastern secessionist Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), who was brought before a federal court in the capital, Abuja, where four counts of treason and conspiracy were read to him and six other MASSOB members and my inlaw Asari Dokubo who was on hunger strike. Both militant leaders are in detention.

Ralp complained of being chained to the floor and tortured and Asari wanted to be moved from the three star chalet where he is being detained to a prison where he can interact with inmates. And the report quoted a Nigerian police officer who said they were spending over $1,000 monthly to take care of Asari.
Police spokesman Haz Iwendi denied he was on a hunger strike saying they had a monthly budget of $1,500 just to feed him.

Asari was enjoying VIP treatment at the cost of $1,500 per month, but Ralph was chained to the floor and tortured.

Why the discrimination in the treatment of the two brothers in arms?
Is Ralph more dangerous than Asari?

If Asari is also enjoying free Internet service, I don't mind to join him in detention. The government can give me just $1,000 monthly for pocket money and keep the remaining $500. I don't eat much. But, I trust my inlaw Asari when it comes to sumptuous meals. In fact the hunger strike will do him a lot of good to shed his excess fat.And look like a real revolutionary activist and not like a Sumo wrestler. So, that he will not need a tummy-tuck surgery like our uncle, the "Governor-General of the Ijaw Thieves" who was caught in London for helping us to save our millions of pounds in his foreign account.

I will keep you up to date as the Nigerian comedy of errors continues.


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Very interesting post. This kind of thing doesn't make the news here in America, so it's good to be able to read about it.

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