Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Open Letter To The Police Performance Monitoring Unit(PPMU)


The Coordinator
The Police Performance Monitoring Unit(PPMU)
8th floor
Federal Secretariat Complex
Shehu Shagari Way,
p.m.b.041, Garki,

Dear Sir,

Subject: The Nigerian Police Deserves The Best

I welcome the establishment of the Police Performance Monitoring Unit (PPMU.)
May I advise you that if the PPMU must succeed, we must first and foremost address the primary issue of the abject neglect of the welfare of the Nigerian Police since the 1970s to date.

The police force in Nigeria has suffered untold hardship and injustice by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The neglect of the Nigerian Police by the government is the cause of the lack of public respect and the loss of public confidence.

The Nigerian police men and women are treated like slaves or prisoners of war as can be seen by the deplorable conditions of the police barracks in Nigeria. I cannot put my worst enemies in those terrible accommodations where I cannot use the toilets and I cannot breathe well. and I avoid going into them or even passing through them. Because I cannot bear the horrible state of the living quarters of the police barracks.

A Nigerian police cell is like a hole in hell.

The Nigerian police office is like an abandoned building.
The Nigerian police men and women are the least paid police officers in the world.
They don’t have enough supplies of uniform and boots. I have seen them wearing canvas shoes and slippers to work in torn and worn black clothes looking like mourners.

Seeing is believing. Go and visit them and ask to use their toilets. You will vomit and faint if you don’t run out of the barracks, lest you risk contracting contagious diseases and other infections.

To make your fellow humanbeings to live in such horrible and terrible conditions as the police men and women are doing at present is evil, wicked and an injustice of the worst kind. a criminal act of man’s inhumanity to man.
It is wicked to accuse them of taking bribes when you have not provided for their basic human rights as clearly addressed in the United Nations charter on human rights.

The police officers at the check-points don’t collect bribe.
They only ask the road users to give them money which they often spend on providing for the hungry families and buying medicine to cure or prevent the diseases they contracted from the dirty and filthy environment you have condemned to in the police barracks.

If Nigeria does not have the money to provide for the Nigerian police men and women, I would not have bothered at all. But, Nigeria has all the money to provide for them and the ruling government is not doing so. And that is injustice.
God will judge and punish you all corrupt and wicked oppressors of the poor and needy in Nigeria.

The judgment day is coming!!!

Please, address these issues I have stated above, because the Nigerian police deserve the best as you all are enjoying in your cosy luxury houses in Asokoro, Maitama and the exclusive residential areas in Nigeria, because we must treat others as we treat ourselves and not treating them like dogs.

Do you know that the Alsatian dogs of the rich and mighty in Nigeria are better treated than our police men and women. And what they spend in feeding their “Oyinbo” dogs in one week is 100% more than the minimum wage of the police constable in Nigeria.

I am shedding tears in my heart and soul as I am writing this letter.

We cannot continue tolerating these wicked acts of man’s inhumanity to man in Nigeria.

The revolution is coming.
The judgment day is coming.

May the almighty God help you to do your duty in justice, peace and equity.

Respectfully yours,
Orikinla Osinachi.


Felix Adebayo said...

The case of the Nigerian Police is similar to when you set a hungry dog to watch over some meats. The dog cannot but helped himself to the meat instead of staring at it and starving.

God saves the Nigeriam Police from the civilians and military governments that has de-humanised them.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The National Assembly knows about all these deplorable conditions. And they even promised to make life better and more comfortable for the Nigrian Police officers. But since, last year, I have not seen any improvement. In fact, the living condition in our police barracks is now worse.

Anonymous said...

I am an Asian female from South-east Asia. I came upon this article because I want to know more about the truth in Nigeria. I am surprised as I went on to read on your article about the Nigerian Police Force. Now I believe my Nigerian friends, who has come to earn a living here, had told me about the life in Nigeria is true. The case of the Nigerian Police is a sad one. These are the men and women who are being entrusted to protect and serve the country and the people, yet they are not protected in terms of welfare by the governments. I can understand they will resort to corruption when they are not paid well and to note the living condition in the police barracks..please, it is very sad to note that they are treated like "dogs"...they do not deserve this kind of treatment.