Friday, October 21, 2005

The Unresolved Political Crisis In Nigeria and other Matters

"International development agency ActionAid welcomed the Paris Club move for "a country which has been crippled by the burden of external debt."

That quotation from the is the WHITE LIE OF THE YEAR.
Nigeria was not crippled by any external debt. But by corruption and tyranny.

I am neither dazed nor fazed by this so called debt relief as I have already stated on the Nigerian Times even yesterday.

The Paris Club can fool the President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, but they cannot fool me.

There are more critical issues bothering Nigeria than the Paris Club, London Club and Baba Iyabo and the 40 Thieves.

Let us go back to a letter I sent to some months ago on the catatstrophic political crisis in Anambra State over the illegal governor Dr. Chris Ngige and the criminal Chris Uba. Two criminals who should be arrested and prosecuted. But, they are still going about with business as usual. And we say we have a democratic government in Nigeria? Where there is no Rule of Law?
There cannot be democracy without the Rule of Law. Any dummy knows that.

Please, read the letter below to enable you understand where I am coming from, otherwise you will not know where I am going to.

In response to your call for any lead on news worthy of investigation, I hereby inform you of the on-going Electoral Fraud in Nigeria in which the President, chief Olusegun Obasanjo has been indicted. But he has refused to abide by the court ruling that voided the Presidential election in two states of the Federation, Ogun State and Anambra State.

The rigging of the Elections in Anambra State has caused destruction of lives and properties in political violence since 2003 to date. And the violence is threatening the national unity of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

For the details of the electoral fraud, see the full-page analysis by DR. CHUKWUEMEKA EZEIFE published in the THIS DAY newspaper of Wednesday January 26, 2005.

I am afraid that you may not investigate this scandalous news of electoral fraud in Africa’s most populous nation and a leading member of the OPEC.

The genesis of the crisis of genocide, poverty and AIDS plaguing Africa is the corruption of the political leaders aided by the European Union, World Bank, IMF, Paris Club and the other Western financial organizations that have exploited the fraudulent practices of corrupt African leaders to keep African countries in perpetual debt and made them to continue to wallow in the murky waters of underdevelopment.

The corruption of African governments has been having adverse effects on the social welfare and economic security of developed countries. Because, corruption has worsened the underdevelopment in Africa, thereby causing political instability and social insecurity that made millions of Africans to flee to Europe and America and other advanced countries in Asia. They have flouted immigrations and engaged in criminal activities plaguing Europe, America and Asia. While the corruption has also affected Europe and America since the civil wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote de Voire, The Sudan, Congo and the Rwanda Holocaust cost Europe and America so much in Foreign Aid and threatened Western economies.



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