Monday, October 31, 2005

Scavengers of the Dead Ransack Bellview Air crash Site in Nigeria

Scavengers of the Dead Ransack Bellview Air crash Site in Nigeria

The news that looters were the first to get to the rural jungle of Lissa where the ill-fated Bellview Airlines plane had crashed did not surprise me. Because, I knew that the human scavengers would have invaded the site of the crash before the law enforcement authorities would have gotten there. That is the common practice in Nigeria whenever there is an accident. The desperate hoodlums and antisocial urchins would have rushed to rob the wounded or the dead before even alerting for help.

They rob helpless victims wounded or dead in emergencies and even mutilate the bodies of the dead if nobody stops them. The human body parts are sold to cultists and ritualists who use them for their fetish voodoo or mumbo-jumbo juju.

These heartless devils would have robbed the victims of their personal effects before the law enforcement agencies got to the site of the air crash on that fateful day.

Who do we blame?
The inefficiency of the Nigerian government that has failed to provide the necessary administrative infrastructure and logistics for the establishment of an efficient Police Force that will be able to guarantee the security of everybody in every community in Nigeria.

Because, many of the Nigerian police officers either by commission or omission connive and conspire with these notorious criminals to commit all these atrocities in Nigeria.

You see a corrupt traffic warden at the bus stop colluding with the touts to extort illegal levies from public transporters and later they share the collections with the police and traffic wardens and this goes on as if it is a normal practice. I mean I am no longer confused. In fact, I am now amused by the whole corrupt methods of their illegitimate procedures of making ends meet.

As The Punch newspaper reported that the looters believed that those who could afford to travel by air must be rich enough to carry extra cash on them and they were not wrong. Because, reliable sources confirmed that the looters found dollars and pounds among the human remains and fuselage in the wreckage. They also stole the expensive wristwatches, jewels and other valuable personal accessories.
"Some people even stripped some of the body parts. That was callous," the newspaper quoted Ogun State police chief Tunji Alapinni as saying

Well the scapegoat of humanity, poverty is always the culprit. The extreme poverty plaguing majority of Nigerians as usual was quoted by Reuters:
The majority of Nigeria's 140 million people live in extreme poverty and a lack of job prospects and resources has fostered a high crime rate. Armed robbery, racketeering and money-making scams are common.

The Guardian newspapers of Nigeria have published the best reports on the Bellview Airlines plane crash. They published some critical reports yesterday. And I hope the government will read the reports and follow the cues in the investigations to find out the real cause of the air disaster. Bellview Airlines should be prosecuted for the violations of air safety regulations.


Felix Adebayo said...

They are all victims; the crashed victims and the scavengers. May God deliver us all.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

We continue to pray.