Thursday, October 27, 2005


The Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria quoted the words of a very reliable Nigerian personality, the Chief Executive Officer of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA),Mrs.Peace Anyam-Fiberisma when she said that Captain Imasuen Lambert was suspended some time ago for refusing to fly a faulty Bellview aircraft.She added,"He was recently suspended for two weeks for failing to fly an alleged faulty Bellview aircraft." (THE GUARDIAN,Tuesday October 25, 2005,Page13.)So, this reliable source has it that Captain Imasuen Lambert of the ill-fated Nigerian Bellview Airlines Plane of flight 210 that crashed was actually suspended two weeks ago for refusing to fly a faulty Bellview Airlines aircraft. Because, he always insisted on high standards of air safety. So, if he was suspended just two weeks ago for refusing to fly a faulty aircraft, then what made him to fly the Bellview plane that crashed. Again, if Bellview Airlines has been flying faulty aircrafts, why has the company passed through the screening of the Aviation authorities?

Bellview Airlines has already resumed flight to Abuja without the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nigeria. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)and the US should investigate these allegations. That Bellview Airlines has never recorded any accident for the past ten years is not enough excuse for the civil aviation authorities of Nigeria to overlook these allegations.

Please, investigate these reports.

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Chippla Vandu said...

After the 2002 EAS airlines crash in Kano, the Federal Government of Nigeria banned the use of aircraft older than 22 years by local airlines. Yet, the BBC reported that the Bellview Boeing 737-200 which crashed was 24 years old.

How on earth could this have happened? Is it that laws cannot be enforced in Nigeria or that no one gives a damn about what goes on? The Minister of Aviation should explain.

If the 22-year old law is still in place, then heads ought to roll over this crash. Perhaps we can begin understanding how corruption eats into the very fabric of society only when people die.

I am of the opinion that no aircraft older than 18 years should be allowed to fly in Nigeria. I am currently trying to undertake a study on the age of passenger airliners in the fleets of some of the world's airlines. I am trying to see if the age of airliners in an airline's fleet can be correlated to the safety record of such airline.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Nigeria is our country.But,it is a nation of agonies and ironies.

The plane was 24 years old and they were even shamelessly boasting that it was still in good condition.

My annoyance was the fact that Bellview Airlines was allowed to resume normal flights without investigating the management of the aircrafts. Because, for the late Captain Imasuen Lambert to have been suspended for his refusal to fly a faulty Bellview aircraft shows that there is something wrong with the management of Bellview Airlines.

There is no Rule Of Law in Nigeria.

Nana Kwaku said...

I'm strongly of the view that Bellview as an Airline should be scrutinized by the Nigerian CAA.Airlines like Virgin Nigeria,Arik,Chanchangi,Aero Contractors and a few others spend a fortune to keep their aircraft in tip-top shape,I think Bellview should emulate them.

Nana Kwaku