Wednesday, October 26, 2005

After the Weeping and Wailing Over the Bellview Plane Crash


The coverage of the catastrophic Bellview Plane Crash has been too poor in Nigerian newspapers on line. The African Independent Televison (AIT)website does not know what a TV news website should be doing at such a time as this tragic period in Nigeria. The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) website which is like a poor copy of the AIT website is pathetic. Yahoo, BBC and one Japanese website have better coverage of the air disaster. Yahoo News has the best coverage so far with over 50 photographs on the plane crash. Of course Associated Press and Reuters provided most of the news feeds for the Yahoo news. And they are available on line. But, you cannot find the facts on all the Nigerian media on line. This is an international disgrace for the Nigerian media that should be the flagship of the media in Africa as the largest media in Africa. Imagine the NTA that is always boasting that it is the largest TV Network in Africa cannot boast of any modern website for on line news? This only shows the lack of competence and the apparent administrative mismanagement at the NTA.

Now the tragedy has made the President to wake up to the stark reality of the short-sightedness of his government in the management of Aviation. Because, the local airlines are managed like the backward public transport services in Nigeria. The lack of air safety in Nigeria is now making headlines all over the world as the bad news of the Bellview plane crash is circulating.


Now, the government is talking of air safety and that is not news to me.
Because, this is not the first catastrophic air disaster we have experienced in Nigeria. Then, after the tears and shaking of heads, we are back to business as usual again. And our airports will still be looking like crowdy and rowdy public motor parks. And the required modern air safety equipment would be missing or outdated.

Nigeria will not improve, except we remove all the square pegs in the round holes of the government and also prosecute all the cases of the corrupt practices in both the public and private sectors of our economy. The problem of Nigeria is still the abuse and misuse of the public sector by the private sector. How? The oligarchs form the ruling class that exploits the public sector and perpetuates the corruption and misadministration of public office in Nigeria. The more damages they cause, the more bogus contracts they conceive or forge to repair the damages to continue to enrich themselves. So, the vicious circle continues in the stagnation of corruption in Nigeria.


Antonin said...

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Imnakoya said...

We have a long way to go as a nation...are we going to find long-lasting solutions of our problems, ever?
Nigeria jaga-jaga...

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I will give you the contact info.

I will listen to your music when the tension in Nigeria blows over.
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