Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There Are Only Two Reasons Why People Are On Facebook

A 2012 research from Boston University found out that there are only two primary motivations why most people are on Facebook.

1. The desire to belong and
2. The desire to show off.

Majority of those addicted to using Facebook use it for self promotion.
Narcissists and intellectually insecure people are often those posting and uploading loads of pictures and other trivia on their walls. Shy people frequent Facebook most, but they often have fewer "friends" compared to the more socially outgoing users who attract thousands of "fans" or "friends".

The findings, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour And Social Networking, also suggested that those with low self-esteem also checked their Facebook pages more regularly than normal.

~ Daily Mail of UK.

The study showed a very important discovery among the users, that more principled, organized and achievement-orientated people are among the lowest users of Facebook. But most of them are on LinkedIn where you find the most professional members of the society. So, Facebook may be for dummies, but LinkedIn is for smart people.

"There are millions of fake profiles on Facebook and Twitter of people having duplicate accounts with different profiles and pages, but most people cannot do that on LinkedIn," said an expert on social media.

Facebook has been abused and misused by mostly idlers who spend hours on the social network hub to escape from boredom and depression and use Facebook as an antidepressant of some sorts.

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