Tuesday, January 08, 2013

FanBox is Offering More Than Facebook and Attracting More Fans

San Diego based FanBox is owned by mobile solutions company SMS.ac and offers a variety of services, including word-processing, IM and online storage.

FanBox has a social networking service that is more beneficial than Facebook and other popular social networks and the holding company SMS.ac offers premium SMS services and thousands of the active registered members are making money and using their earnings to promote different charities and causes like my ReBranding Nigeria is helping to fight lung disease. And so much more which you can only find out by yourself on FanBox.

I have found many Nigerian celebrities, including A-List Nollywood stars on Fanbox and they are making more money on FanBox than in some of their movies!They are making as much as $5, 000 monthly on FanBox and that's a lot of money in Nigeria where majority of the population live under $2 a day.

Just click FanBox to see how this really works.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chim

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