Wednesday, June 06, 2012

White People Appreciate Love and Life More Than Black People

White People Appreciate Love and Life More Than Black People

I am a black and proud African man who has dated both white and black women since my late teens to date and I have no apologies or regrets to say that I prefer white relationships to black relationships even though I love black women like I loved my mother and I love my two lovely sisters. But when it comes to the appreciation of the true values and virtues good life, white people really and truly practice it more than black people and as we can see from the lives of both races from Africa to Europe to the United States of America and other parts of our turbulent world, they have proved it by their longer life span and being more advanced in lifestyles and higher standards of living even in their capitalist societies. But look at the lifestyles of blacks everywhere; they do more harm than good to themselves in both premarital and marital relationships by being dishonest, selfish and vacuous. That is why majority of black people are poorer and with shorter life span.

Simply visit white homes and black homes and see how rich white people treat their servants and compare them to how rich black people treat their own servants.

To majority of rich black people, their housemaids are witches and they treat them like dogs, but these foolish rich black people leave their children in the care of these same housemaids and how would these maltreated maids treat these innocent children?

Again, the most unhygienic humans on earth are black people.
In most toilets you will soon see that more white people wash their hands after using the toilet than black people and these dirty and filthy black people will still want to use their unwashed hands to shake your hands.
You see black people use the same bowl of water to wash the hands of many people in the same bowl and to them they have washed their hands!
How can the same water used by one person to wash his or her hands be clean and safe for others to use and then dig and dip their fingers in the same plates of food?
Now you see why contagious diseases are so prevalent in Africa and among blacks than white people everywhere on earth.

Even in the United States of America, white people live longer than black people and they are in the same country!

A healthy lifestyle impacts more on having a healthy relationship in love and life than anything else.

Go to hospitals and primary health care clinics in Africa and you would be appalled by how sickening doctors and nurses treat poor patients with such indignity and disrespect for human life.

Go to schools at all levels of education in Africa and see how most of their hostels look like refugee camps.

Most black people behave and live like dogs from the lowest rungs of the social strata to the highest rungs of their hierarchy. And these negative human attitudes to the values and virtues of life have left them worse than the rest of humanity in love and life.

Check black lifestyles and cross check it with white lifestyles and the results will show you that white folks have more respect for love and life than black folks.

We are what we do to ourselves.

How much you appreciate life is how much you would appreciate love.

If you don’t respect the life of others, then you don’t love them.

Love is defined by how much you respect your own life and the life of others in the romance of human existence. And this is what will determine your survival and welfare on earth.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka Orikinla Osinachi.

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