Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nigeria Is Burning And Our President Is Traveling

A corpse under one of the burnt cars after the Sunday terrorist suicide bomb attacks in Kaduna. Photo Credit: The Guardian of Nigeria.

How can the man whose home is on fire travel so far away?

President Goodluck "it is not my fault" Jonathan would have left for the Rio+20 Earth Summit at the Riocentro Convention Centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this morning, while Nigeria is still smoking from the Islamic terrorist suicide bombings in Kaduna and Yobe with the corpses of the dead and carcases of burnt vehicles all over the place.

Over 67 people have been reported dead and two churches destroyed in the latest suicide bombings in northern Nigeria where the dreaded Islamic sect Boko Haram has been on rampage in suicide attacks targeting Christians and government forces. The latest attacks provoked reprisals by youths who ended up killing innocent Hausa Muslims and other suspects in the Wusasa and Sabon-Gari areas of Zaria and Banawa in Kaduna State.

While many families and relations are still searching for their missing members, the President left Nigeria for the Earth Summit in Brazil.

Would he have travelled if he lost anyone from his family and relations in the terrorist suicide attacks?

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