Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Western Propaganda, NATO, The Arab Spring And The Rest Of Us

Millions of people in Nigeria and the est of the world celebrating the downfall of Muammar Gaddafi' should not be fooled by Western Propaganda.

The Internet is largely the propelling force of the domino effect of political angst sweeping many countries as the majority of unemployed youths and the lunatic fringe are blaming their elders and leaders for their woes.

But let us hope the angst will not turn to anarchy.
Angst often brings out more of the worst in humans than the best.

The Arab Spring is an ill wind no matter how you see it from the rose tinted glasses of Western Propaganda­. Terrorists are only engaged in their power struggle in the Middle East and when they have finished turning against themselves­, they are going to turn their angst against you. No amount of Western Propaganda can convert the Muslims to love the Christian Imperialis­m of Western Super Powers and their allies. Without the undemocrat­ic interferen­ce of NATO, Gaddafi and his murdered sons and other thousands of the unfortunat­e villains and scapegoats of the so called Libyan revolution would have been alive today. NATO is the monstrous King Kong of the hypocritic­al Western Propaganda that was unleashed on the enemies of America and her allies in the Middle East.

May be it is time to take to the streets against NATO.
Then I will believe the "Los Indignados­" are not the lunatic fringe.

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