Friday, October 28, 2011

App : Wall Of Sound, 20 Million Songs at Your Fingertip

PARIS, 27 October 2011, PRNewswire/ — “Wall Of Sound Provides a fun, Tactile, Visual and Interactive Experience for your Music With 20 Million Songs at your Fingertip” says Fred Sigal, Founder & President NuageProductionTM.

NuageProductionTM has just released Wall Of Sound, a free iOS app that dramatically enhances the experience of music playback and discovery on your iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. As a complement to your device’s default user experience, you get started by simply launching the Wall Of Sound app, which is localized in 23 languages for 127 countries. No parameters to setup. It simply connects to the content in your iDevice library and away you go.

Fred Sigal of NuageProductionTM indicates that the app uses a variety of proprietary techniques to enhance your navigation through your sound library based on your taste. Wall Of Sound extends these navigation techniques to include suggestions for related music from the iTunes store.

More than suggesting music, however, the most striking component of the experience is the interactive, tiled visuals representing over 20 million titles. “We wanted to change the experience of navigating your personal library and discovering new music,” says Mr. Sigal. “Instead of relying on a sea of words, linear scrolling and long lists found in typical navigation experiences, the patented Wall Of Sound experience emphasizes tactile, visual and, of course, auditory qualities. The quest of getting to a desired track is as enjoyable as listening to the track itself. It feels like a game.”

This game-like experience makes it easy for anyone – users from 2 to 99 years, from occasional listener to avid music collector – to discover new titles. With a flick of your fingertip and a few taps, you can sample a new release, a long-forgotten oldie, or that recommendation from a friend who knows your taste. By enabling you to sample music from among iTunes 20 million titles, Wall Of Sound provides the necessary support for your purchasing decision. Of course, all music purchases transparently leverage Apple’s iTunes platform and pricing.

For those simply navigating their own collections, especially when music collections span different genres and extend to 1000 of tiles, Wall Of Sound provides similar benefits. Visual navigation is not only more compelling and enjoyable, but our cognitive ability to find music by recalling a specific image among many is much more efficient than scanning content title by title, item by item.

There are no caveats. The Wall Of Sound is free and works with any music, even the one that uses Digital Rights Management. The app is compatible with Air Play, allowing wireless playing on bluetooth or wifi speakers, including the Apple TV. The app also works on iOS 4 and iOS 5, leveraging the ability to share your favorite music with friends across eMail, SMS, FaceBook, and Twitter.

For music lovers with any Apple iDevice, Wall Of Sound is the first app that unites music navigation and discovery with a tactile, visual and auditory experience. After using it for only a few minutes, Wall Of Sound will certainly find a permanent place on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Give the app a look and check the gallery out for some screen shots.

Press Contact NuageProductionTM (English & French speaking) : Séverine Thery-Perez +33(0)1-44-92-47-68 (Time Zone GMT +2)

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