Monday, July 18, 2011

Islamic Banking is Good for Nigeria

So much noise is echoing over the planned introduction of Islamic Banking in Nigeria, but making the loudest noise does not mean you are making sense or wise.

I have seen that the so called Nigerian Christians who are afraid of Islamic banking are just ignorant of the facts, because they have failed to read and research to find out the truth about Islamic banking.

The notorious North versus South dichotomy destroying the stability and unity of our common sovereignty is now threatening the prospects of Islamic banking in Nigeria.
It would be good if we separate politics from Islamic Banking and address the economic benefits to the masses of the Nigerian population.

There is absolute nothing wrong with Islamic Banking and far from the misinformation of the Nigerian Christian clerics, it does not translate to the Islamization of Nigeria.

Read the report on the Constitutionality of Islamic Banking by the University of Ilorin on

May I also recommend the report on Ethica Trains 100 American Imams in Islamic Finance published by Nigerians Report.

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