Friday, May 27, 2011

There are three different levels of guys for Nigerian girls

There are three different levels of guys for Nigerian girls

1. Big Men. The big men are mostly older men who are rich and can afford the vanities of the high life desired by majority of Nigerian girls who will date them or even be their other "wives". They are the Sugar Daddies and they are happy to buy a fancy car for their most favourite mistress.

2. Big Boys are younger than the older Sugar Daddies and often rich guys with high paying top flight jobs or successfully self employed and those who are still single are the most eligible bachelors in town. They can have their pick of the Nigerian girls who want to escape from poverty and enjoy a comfortable life. They pamper and spoil the girls with expensive smart phones, shopping, fun trips and parties. But they may never buy their sweetest babe a fancy car. They would prefer to impress and oppress her with their own fancy cars or jeeps.

3. The last, but not the least are the struggling "one day, e go better" guys are not rich, but can still manage to pamper and spoil the girls with some goodies, but they often complain of being broke since even their seven digit salaries are not enough to make ends meet living and working in an expensive city where dog eat dog and competing to catch up with the Joneses who are movers and shakers of the class conscious society. Most of them are from poor families and bear their liabilities. Wise girls bear with them, because in most cases they are going to end up better and richer than the Big Boys and Sugar Daddies.

These are main levels of the Nigerian guys. The outsiders are the poor and powerless guys who are at the receiving end of the main guys.

Nigerian girls should go for any guy who can make them happy and secure in life. Sentiments will not pay your bills. And life is worse for those who cannot pay their bills. So, go for the guys who can secure your future and the future starts with how you make your choices today. Have a lovely weekend.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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