Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Culture of Resistance coming to Nigeria

Culture of Resistance coming to Nigeria

In Nigeria, oil companies have destroyed farmland leaving behind dirty water and no food. When the people began protesting by making flyers and giving speeches the Nigerian government started killing the peaceful protesters, so the next generation has resorted to violence in order to get clean water and food.
~ Lara Lee, of Culture of Resistance speaking on her sensational documentary.

Iara Lee is the director of the harrowing documentary "Cultures of Resistance," produced by George Gunn, and it is going to be shown at the second Eko International Film Festival this summer.

The production of "Cultures of Resistance" began in 2003 before the Iraq war and it was judged the Best Documentary at the Tiburon 2011 Film Festival.

"People were being killed and nobody cared. I started looking for small gestures-ordinary people that were relatable," Lee said.
She said that the documentary covered 25 countries, with interviews done in the native languages. Lee and her crew (which often just consisted of one camera man and if she was lucky, a sound guy) were often deported or imprisoned.

"I was put in jail in Palestine. You can't bring cameras into a lot of these countries, I just kept trying. Most of the time we were hiding from the governments; even the militants [we filmed] are less dangerous," said Lee.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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