Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nigerian Army Takes Over Bonny Island

The sight of about a battalion of Nigerian soldiers in jeeps, armoured tanks and on foot is making the people of Bonny Island jittery. The deployment of the troops of the Nigerian Armed Forces to the Bonny Kingdom began a week ago after the brutal murder of some military officers by an unidentified group of the dreaded Niger Delta militants. The security of lives and properties is the top priority of the Nigerian government and in particular the security of the Nigeria LNG Bonny Plant Complex.

The militants and allied gunmen have given an ultimatum to all foreigners and and non-indigènes to leave Bonny Island before July 16, 2008, for their own good. They have threatened to besiege
the kingdom and sack the multinational oil companies, banks and "saboteurs" they have accused of plundering the Niger Delta region for decades. After the daring attack on the Bonga field, the Nigerian government ordered the Nigerian Armed Forces to hunt and capture the Niger Delta militants responsible for the attack. The Nigerian military forces have been attacking the camps of the militants in the creeks and the Nigerian Army is building a garrison on Bonny Island for the maximum security of the Nigerian LNG Bonny Plant Complex and other oil companies.

The residents are sacred of being assaulted by unruly soldiers, because rumours are circulating that these soldiers will assault the defenceless young women as they have done when they were deployed to other troubled areas in the Niger Delta, such as in Ogoni and Odi where many cases of looting and rape were repoted.

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