Saturday, July 05, 2008

Niger Delta Militants Warn Foreigners and Non-Indigènes To Leave Bonny Island

Niger Delta Militants

The militants and other gunmen in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria have warned all foreigners and non-indigènes to leave Bonny Island before July 16 or they would not be spared in their attacks on the Nigerian Armed Forces and multinational oil companies.

The militants have disrupted marine life and hijacked boats used by traders for the transportation of goods from the capital city of Port Harcourt to Bonny Island.
Market women have been attacked and some have been raped whilst crossing the Bonny River. The Amayanabo of Bonny, King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple and many of the chiefs have fled their Bonny Kingdom in fear.

The resoltuion of the conflict plaguing the Niger Delta of Nigeria has failed.
The militants have been engaged in bloody gun battles with the combined forces of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Air Force, Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Police with casualties on both sides and including innocent people caught in the crossfire. Last Saturday, a pregnant woman was killed by a stray bullet on Bonny Island. She was a member of the Assemblies of God church. The militant killed some military officers and decapitated one of the Naval officers whom eye-witness accounts said was a torn in the flesh of the militants.

As I am blogging from a cyber cafe on Bonny Island, an Air Force helicopter flew past from a mission to Aboloma creek. The Nigerian Air Force is bombing the identified camps of the militants in the Niger Delta.

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