Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Now Bush Takes The Mickey Out Of The Mouse

Well, it was President George W.Bush who approved the law in June to increase the maximum Federal Communications Commission indecency fine to $325,000 as reported by the Washington Post. And that controversial law has sent American broadcasters and entertainers under cover.
So, you cannot swear on air or curse "4k U" on stage anymore. Dare the devil and you get fined $325,000. And do not say Orikinla did not warn you.

If only GWB read my blog, thousands of American lives would have been saved in Iraq and Afghanistan and the costly tactical blunders made in the war on terror would have been prevented from the first gunshot. But now, GWB has admitted that there is need for Rethinking Embattled Tactics in Terror War. Is this not funny?

Talking of the Politics Of the Pipelines, please tell Dubya that it would be cheaper to import natural gas from Nigeria than from Russia. And our own natural gas doesn't choke.

Here is my update on the case of American 419 in high places.


christabelle said...

ha, Osy seriously speaking if I have GWB mail I wld have 4wrded ur site to him, he needs pple like u rite now but I think the indecency fine is good, I mean pple say all kinds of stuff on air with kids around, no wonder todays kids are not growing up rite, they just have a lot of junk upstairs.

Talking abt that politics in pipelines honestly our gas chokes or does it not, somebody pls find out for me.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

But some of his agents actually know about me and my blogs.

On choking gas, you have to come to our Niger Delta region to know how gas flares are harming our people daily.

God bless.

Dinma said...

Osy, just passing by and decided to take a peep at your site. What fascinates me is that you are a nigerian blogger so proud to be one.I'm a nigerian too. Nice meeting you.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you.

God did not make a mistake when He made me a Nigerian and as you already know that God has blessed Nigeria and I thank God for this.

Keep the flag flying in flying colours.

God bless.