Saturday, July 22, 2006

The BBC Is Watching You

I read Daniel Pearl's We're watching you on the opinions of bloggers on the BBC and I have to share my thoughts on the BBC and the rest of them.

Newsnight is the most popular BBC Programme online.


The presenters rock.

They are seasoned journalists and when it comes to down-to-earth news coverage, the BBC leads the pack. The CNN and Sky News don't have much news until something catastrophic happens and they bore us with the repetitions of the so called breaking news until another catastrophe occurs.

Well done BBC.

But, I think BBC's Daniel Pearl should change his name, because it is spooky to be sharing the same name with the beheaded Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

Talking of the Catastrophic News Network (CNN), I wonder why they make their coverage of happenings in Africa look like charity. As if they are doing us a big favour.

Yesterday, the CNN higlighted Nollywood, the Nigerian answer to Hollywood and from a professional angle, it was a half-hearted report. It was like the CNN was not willing to give us our 15 minutes of fame. So, the CNN reduced it to 3 minutes. And I suspect that it was not gratis.

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