Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Which god, Moussaoui?

"You'll never get my blood! God curse you all!"
~ Moussaoui

Washington Post

Will the bereaved families of nearly 3,000 people who were killed on Sept. 11, 2001
forget the harrowing nightmares of the "videotape of people jumping from the World Trade Center and tapes of people inside the twin towers calling 911"? Or the horrifying and terrifying sight of the remains of their beloved ones that your cult of death Al Qaida killed on that fateful day?

Which god, Moussaoui?
Your satanic god of the cult of death called the Al Qaida.
Your blood sucking god that has cursed you Moussaoui and your fellow terrorists to go on rampage to murder innocent people, including children and their mothers from Africa to America to Europe, to Asia to the Middle East and other places where you have spilled innocent blood in the worship of your god?
Your god that has cursed you to even murder your own people every day by day in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Which god do you Moussaoui and your master Osama bin Laden and all your people of the lunatic fringe serve?

My God who has commanded us "Thou Shall Not Kill" is the one and only real and true God I recognize and believe in and testify of; and sorry Moussaoui, this my own benevolent and compassionate God is not your god.


Keshi said...

LOL @which God!

So true! I read abt his latest trial yday...and how he said 'You'll never get my blood! God curse you all!"...and I Was shocked at that statement. Which GOD is he talking abt? Rather which DOG! Pardon my laguage but when he said that did he ever think abt the blood of thousands of innocent ppl that they have killed in the name of some blood-sucking DOG?

Im a strong opponent of death penalty and I even had a post abt it long time ago...but in this case, I say he should be put down...just like a rabid dog.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I am also against the death penalty if the condemned could be reformed.

But this terrorist is so unrepentant!

saby said...

my God, your God, his God
dat is bull shit

God is one
u may call Him allah, Ram, Jesus or watever

Religion shud be banned
Jesus is anti-religion

Dawn....सेहर said...

my own benevolent and compassionate God is not your god!

True! even I was shocked at his response...coz as a human one do get a chance to repent and confess...but this guy is limit.
Appreciated your post..came by here thru Keshi's blog...but amazing awakening posts I read here..Thnx

Toniyah Tonijah said...
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Orikinla Osinachi said...

Jesus Christ was not anti-religion.

Jesus Christ showed the way.

It is your choice.

Choose how you want to live it.
I have chosen mine.
It is called Freedom of Faith.
But my faith does not command me to force it on you or kill you if you reject it.

Thanks for finding your way here.

Keshi is encouraging to those who believe in Free Speech.
I have a free conscience.

Every bird should be free
To fly and perch on any tree.

We were not born in chains.
We were born stark naked and free.

God bless.

Keshi said...

I so agree with every word Orikinla says! Fear not freedom.


'Bosun. said...

Orikinla, it's true that there are strange cults/gods in this world. Or how else can we explian what's driving this guy's mind, body and soul?
The hearts of men is indeed wicked... and for real; nobody can know it.