Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Ghost of WMD and the American Nightmare

Americans are haunted by the ghost of WMD, because the ghosts of the thousands of Americans who have been killed in the war in Iraq are haunting the White House. Asking for justice. And they will never rest in peace until those responsible for their untimely death are brought to justice.

The White House lied to deceive them to go to war in Iraq aginst an enemy they have defeated and is now on trial. Yes. Saddam Hussein has been toppled and captured and is now on trial for his crimes against humanity. But, why are they still fighting and dying in Iraq?

Did America use them as a gambit for the future invasion of Iran?

For more, read the Washington Post report on it.



penelope said...

hahahahahaha - you nerf tater

Keshi said...

Im not sure what the US does these days in terms of politics...there's alot of secrecy behind those acts...who knows whats going on!


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

We lost two Nigerians in the US Marines in the Persian Gulf War and we lost Nigerians on 9/11 and we have lost two more Nigerians among the US Marines killed so far in the war in Iraq. So, America must account for the death of my fellow Nigerians. I would have been in the US Marines as far back as 1984 when I worked on a project under the USAID, but I turned down all the American offers (including their bait of an American girlfriend).

I choose to serve my beloved country Nigeria than America and to defend and protect the fundamental human rights of all my compatriots and patriots everywhere as much as I can do so.

America has caused the untimely deaths of thousands of inncoent people, because of the blunders of the US Intelligence and more from the tactical blunders of the US Military commanders in the war in Iraq. I would have done better.

Keshi said...

I agree and its sad to lose people this way just cos of someone's stupidity...guess it wont stop for a long time...colateral damage as they call it...sighhh!