Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From Pillar To Post To Capitol Hill

Nigeria is currently in hysteria over the third term bid of President Olusegun Obasanjo and I have made my comments on other Nigerian blogs and left the debate to concentrate on more global issues confronting us.

I don't envy President George W.Bush, because he is the most embarrassed and harassed man in the White House. And even the Washington Post couldn't help him as a liberal press disagreed with the editorial of the Washington Post, A Good Leak in the futile attempt to defend the integrity of Bush over the Valerie Plame Case. For more, see Dana Milbank

But, Bush is also being harassed by the pressure of the case of American immigrants, who have decided Not to Be Invisible Anymore'.

Then, terrified Americans are afraid that Iran could be the next target of the Bush madness. But Bush Dismisses Talk of Using Force Against Iran.

When you are confronting immigrants in America, you are walking in a field of rattle snakes or like a mine field. And one wrong footing could end one's life. So, Bush has decided to retreat and concentrate on the battlefield in Iraq.

But, believe it or not, among the millions of legal and illegal immigrants are the worst nightmares of America. The terrorists in the masquerade of immigrants.


Keshi said...

**The terrorists in the masquerade of immigrants.

thats so true...its one of the major probs Aus is currently facing too...Immigration screening...not an easy thing to do.


Toniyah Tonijah said...


I am actually afraid for Australia.
That after Madrid and London, Sidney will likely be the next target of the terrorists.

Australia must beware 24/7.

How are you doing?
Still walking tall and tan?

Do you celebrate Easter?

God bless.

Keshi said...

hey Toniyah thanks, yep still walking tall, tan and unafraid :)

Aus is in grave danger..I agree..it's the main concern now..and I live in Syd too and travel by train daily to work...well all I can say is Fate cannot be tampered with...lets just face it as it comes...