Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Difference Between God and Satan

Now, can you see the difference between God and Satan is the difference between Us and Them?

Rahman told La Repubblica newspaper he was unrepentant. "I have done nothing to repent, I respect Afghan law as I respect Islam. But I chose to become a Christian, for myself, for my soul. It is not an offense."

Italy has close ties with Afghanistan, whose former king, Mohammed Zahir Shah, was allowed to live in exile in Rome with his family for 30 years. The former royals returned to Kabul after the Taliban fell.
Washington Post

Under Islamic law, rejection of Islam is a grave offense, punishable by death if the convert does not repent. Afghanistan is a deeply traditional Muslim country where there are no publicly practicing Afghan Christians. Both proselytizing and conversion are viewed by most people as anathema.

On Wednesday, 500 clerics gathered in a mosque in the southern city of Qalat to protest Rahman's release, news services reported from Kabul. Abdulrahman Jan, the top cleric in the Qalat region, said the government should either force Rahman to convert back to Islam or kill him.
Washington Post

Now you know why a billion Muslims are afraid to convert to Christianity?

Abdul Rashman has said the Truth.
Say the Truth and damn the wrath of the devil.

Only The Truth Shall Make You Free
"...and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" ~
Jesus Christ, John 8:31 From the Holy Bible

The same way that racists have murdered hundreds of thousands of blacks in America, Europe, Australia and Asia and the same way tribalists have murdered hundreds of thousands of others in Africa and other continents, the same way these Satanic religious lunatics have been killing Christian converts and other Christians.


Keshi said...

relgion is a bad word in my vocabulary now. religion divides ppl.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I agree.
Religion has been abused and misused.