Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An Afghan Muslim Who Converted to Christianity Faces Death Sentence

Abdul Rahman, an Afghan Muslim man who converted to Christianity is being threatened to be executed for the crime of rejecting Islam in Afghanistan.
Because, it is a crime to reject Islam according to their Islamic Laws.
Washington Post

You wonder why they are all at war with anyone who is not a Muslim?

Well, I have declared it before and let me declare it once again:
Any religion that forbids Christianity is AntiChrist and such a religion is of the devil.

God has given us the free will to choose.

Religion is not by force.

How can a religion that claims to be for peace condemn an innocent man to death, because he chose to become a Christian?

Are these ceatures humans or demons?


Keshi said...

You're absolutely right mate! Dunno if u read my prev post 'A Faithless Journey' there I have the same concepts as u do..

How can u call it a religion if it teaches u to be so violent and selfish? Religion should be a way of life and should givepeace and freedom...not war and bloodshed. How sad that now we have more fanatics than before!


sondjata said... concept of devil before Christianity reaches parts of Nigeria funny how people start defending alien belief systems against other alien belief systems.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I read all your posts on the front page of your blog and I wanted to e-mail you to publish your blook.
Your awesome respondents are also enlightening. Your articles are very seminal and the issues you have raised should be given more mileage.

What alien religion?
Every religion is alien.
Even IFA is alien.
Because, Oduduwa the progenitor of the Yoruba Race was said to have descended from heaven on a ladder of chain.

My father was a certified IFA High Priest and I studied IFA Divination Poetry.
Have you seen the Opa Oramiyan?

I am a transcendental pilgrim.
I have come a long way baby.
I don't even pray for my worst enemies to see the things my eyes have seen.

Keshi said...

Thanks Orikinla! However I dunno if I could publish books as yet...:) but thanks for the compliment and the inspiration...wonderful to hear that!