Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Now the true life melodramatic reality documentary of Nigerian politics continues to send shock waves all over the country. And we are afraid of the grave consequences of the recent arrest of Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubo. But, we are still investigating the matter.

Nigeria militia violence threat
Separatists in Nigeria's oil-producing Niger Delta region have threatened to sabotage oil installations as they call for the release of their leader.
Mujahid Dokubu-Asari, head of the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force, was arrested in Port Harcourt on Tuesday.

Mr Asari's group seeks more control of oil resources for the Ijaws, the biggest group in the Niger Delta.

Last year the group contributed to a sharp rise in world oil prices when it threatened war against oil companies.


A statement issued by the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force on Wednesday warned of "grave mayhem" if Mr Asari were not released within a specified deadline.

"If word has not been received from our leader, all state agencies, oil companies and their agents should cease functioning in their Niger Delta flowstations and related facilities must be shut down," the statement read.

The group warned all oil company staff to leave the Delta region.

Mr Asari's supporters demonstrated in Port Harcourt overnight, demanding his release.

Police told the BBC that Mr Asari was being taken to the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

The Niger Delta remains one of Nigeria's poorest and least developed regions, despite being a major oil exporter.

Story from BBC NEWS:


obifromsouthlondon said...

It's atrocious that an area so blessed in resources should be so chaotic.

someone once volunteered the idea that african countries with no natural resources were politically stable. I challenged him to name one.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The chaos will pass over for the reconstruction of a new era.