Saturday, September 17, 2005


If it is the will of God, Rev. Chris Okotie will be the President of Nigeria in 2007.

Nigerian Times wants the best for Nigeria. And we are not going to accept any more corruption to continue to plague Nigeria.

Bishop Ajayi Crowther said, “Only the best is good enough for us.” And this is the motto of Nigerian Times and will continue to be our motto and the pivot of our commitment to the nation building of a New Nigeria in the leadership of Africa among the comity of nations in the world. No more, no less.
Rev. Chris Okotie was first a very successful Pop star in Nigeria in the 1980s whilst he was studying Law at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka across the River Niger in Eastern Nigeria. He qualified as an attorney and later went on to a Bible School in the US. Then, he returned to Nigeria to begin his Christian missionary assignment through the Household of God Church in Ikeja, Lagos. I have spoken to him once on phone. I have access to him one on one. He is very humble and yet brave like David in the Holy Bible.

He wants to be the President of Nigeria. And millions of Nigerians wish he could be the next President of Nigeria. But, the evil men in power want to prevent this dream from coming to pass.

Nigerians very well know these evil men. One of them is a well-known evil genius. The others are corrupt feudal lords in Northern Nigeria who want to continue to enslave their people.

If only the majority of the poor masses in Northern Nigeria are enlightened, Rev. Chris Okotie will not have any opposition in convincing the majority of Nigerians to elect him in the next Presidential Election in 2007. But, the majority of the people in Northern Nigeria are mostly Muslims with only Islamic education and has been indoctrinated by their opinionated rulers to oppose and reject anything Christian and they have never voted for any Christian Presidential Candidate since Nigeria became Independent on October 1st 1960. These are the political pawns of the corrupt and wicked feudal lords of the ruling Oligarchy controlling the economic and political reins of power in Nigeria. These are the enemies of our progress and success. These are the same people who are planning to stop Rev. Chris Okotie by all means and at all costs. But, we pray for the divine intervention of God. Except God wants the poor masses of Nigeria to continue to languish in the agonies and ironies of Nigeria.

The lack of consensus among the poor majority of the Nigerian Electorate is responsible for their economic and political underdevelopment. Because, their oppressors will continue to take advantage of the political and religious dichotomies in Nigeria to exploit the ignorance of the poor masses. So, we need to embark on extensive and intensive political mass literacy campaign to educate the Nigerian Electorate to enlighten them to realize the falsehoods of the corrupt and wicked feudal lords in North and their partners in crime in the South.

Here is an article in defense of the ideals, goals and objectives of Rev. Chris Okotie. Please, read it if you love your fellow human beings and if you love the progress of Nigeria. Because, if bad and corrupt oppressors continue to ruin Nigeria, the more problems of 419 Internet Scams, Poverty and Terrorism that America will confront from Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Because, these evil and corrupt oligarchs will continue to waste all the resources in Nigeria and they will make the environment unprofitable to foreign investors and will continue to stymie the economic and democratic developments in Nigeria the most populous country in Africa with the largest market.

First and foremost, The House of Nigeria FRESH is an organization of people who agree to the principle of change in Nigeria. This change comprises good leadership, which will ensure better security of the citizenry, hope for the future, confidence in the government, equality and fairness to all, and a host of other things that good governance is associated with. Presently, the organization has a membership of over 7 million Nigerians as at the last count. The organization is being headed by Rev. Chris Okotie and from all that has been said about the ideals of the organization; Rev. Chris Okotie does not need a further manifesto because he stands for the ideals of The House of Nigeria FRESH.

Another point worthy of correction here to the writer, is the fact that Rev. Chris Okotie does not have a political ambition. The man has said it time and again that he has no plans to be known in political circles as a politician instead he has a mission to be president of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. The only reason he has to join a political party is in obedience to INEC's rules and regulations that a citizen cannot contest on an independent platform.

Given these few facts above, we don't see how they relate to a man with "a political ambition" or one seeking political relevance as portrayed by the writer. At a particular point in the writer's piece, he made mention of a "feverish resurgence of Godism in Nigeria". A situation where he claims a citizen (or contestant) resorts to using God's name and order as a tool of enforcement on the electorate when running for elective positions. We really don't see how that applies in the case of Rev. Chris Okotie. The man has never told you that you must vote for him because he was ordered by God to run for presidency.

We all know Nigeria is not a theocratic but a secular state and that is why we clamour for a country that will be bereft of inequality, injustice, and unfairness to all her citizens irrespective of their cultural or spiritual beliefs. At least, we all have a right to our beliefs as long as they are in harmony with the laws of the state. To now say the Reverend gentleman here, is "waving God in our faces or using the Almighty as a prop" in a country where we have diverse religions is a statement we find abysmally absurd and devoid of any element of fairness in thinking. We are beginning to think that the writer had some form of bias in mind when he was conjuring up his piece. But thank God, he at least paid some credos to the Reverend in his piece when he said Rev. Chris Okotie looks well credentialed. At least, that is a plus for a citizen who is vying for the No. 1 office in the land.

One point worthy of note here is this: Not every good and talented man and woman in the country can be accused of complicity in the rape of our country. Maybe the writer is one of the lot but we can assure him that there are still many of us who can stand out with our heads high that we did not comply in any way to the degenerate state Nigeria is in today. That is what being a good citizen requires from anybody. A country that has been under the grip of a cabal for so long and has become so degenerate only calls for another crop of citizens who are responsible enough to assume leadership positions.

When God singles you out for a leadership role, it is because He has seen something in you that He can use to fulfill His aim of leadership. It is not necessarily because you are spiritually oriented or good- natured. You have to understand the principles and dynamics of what leadership entails. Mind you, the emphasis here is not on the man who is a "politician" but on the man who is a "leader". Politics here is only the machinery or springboard through which the leader ascends to office. So, we really don't see what the writer's problem is in drawing the line between the man Rev. Chris Okotie as a man with leadership qualities and not a politician.

For the first time in the history of Nigeria, something different is taking place. A great change is about to come and yet some of us are not prepared for it. What with young minds like Waziri Adio who think that "no man can drop in from nowhere and be the next president of Nigeria on May 29, 2003 ahead of all the other career politicians, the owners of the game and the incumbent..." This line of thought has been the bane of our society. Some group of people think that they own Nigeria so they feel they have an allegiance to power but we think that era is coming to an end. This time, we as Nigerians know that our future is in our hands and we will take it and make the most of it for the benefit of our motherland and generations to come.

In quoting the writer's jaundiced view, " Being grandiloquent and belching hot air on talk shows and in newspaper interviews won't do the job.... You need more than a miracle to make Chris Okotie the president of Nigeria by May 29, 2003", I would like to advise him to hold on to his view very tight but when the great proclamation eventually comes to pass, let him not forget the days of disenchantment, mockery, and unbelief.

As a quick reminder here, Rev. Chris Okotie has declared for the Justice Party (JP) as the presidential nominee for the party. We believe the writer watched or heard about his declaration. Rev. Chris Okotie is still very much in contention for the struggle to emancipate our Nation from the throes of ill governance and truly set us on the right path to Nationhood. This much said, Nigerians know better the right thing to do when the time comes - We will vote for our conscience!
· Ojadua and Okene are members of Okotie's The House of Nigeria FRESH.


Shola said...

It would be nice if he got elected, but you have already mentioned the great hurdles that need to be crossed!

While we know the current president is not a christian, the northerners see him as such and he hasn't left a good heritage has he.

Getting another person from the south into power is going to be tough if not impossible!

On the other hand 'nothing is impossible for God'.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The hurdles are real.
I believe Rev. Chris Okotie is the Nigerian Dream of the future.

As for our current President Chief. Olusegun Obasanjo, I speak out whenever I notice anything erroneous or unrighteous about his government, yet I also commend him for his laudable efforts in the governance of Nigeria.

Nigeria will become greater before our very eyes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Chris okotie. He was a tantalizing pop artist, if not the best that Nigeria has ever known. I know that his call to ministry is of God. But, I am just concerned about his mission to become president of Nigeria. Unless otherwise he heard clearly from God to do so, I will advice that he use his ministry as platform to address social injustice in the country, and preach the pure and unadultrated gospel of God, which is able to set the captive free. Jacobs, B.U. MDIV, Biblical studies,