Friday, March 16, 2012

Rethink Your Digital Advertising Strategy

Rethink Your Digital Advertising Strategy

Have you defined your 2012 online advertising strategy? How will the changing digital trends of today influence your future advertising spend for tomorrow?

Accelerate digital marketing results

Marketers, retailer, content owners and technology firms are more focused than ever on obtaining results from investments in digital marketing. According to eMarketer’s latest report “Top Digital Trends for 2012” favorable trends in technology adoption, consumer behavior and content availability have created a perfect storm of opportunity for online and mobile marketers. These developments have been unfolding for the past few years but, but have accelerated thanks to the success of tablets, the ongoing strength of smartphones and the increased social sharing of video content.

This report discusses:

Selling your boss on the importance of investing in video ads
Social metrics need to be more than counting “likes”
Consumer mobile trends and outlooks
Increase digital ad spend ROI
Download this eMarketer Report to get recommendations for aligning your digital advertising spends with 2012 consumer behavior trends.

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