Saturday, February 18, 2012

Real Madrid Star Khedira and Girlfriend's Pornography Lands Journalists in Jail

The soft porn GQ Cover photograph of Real Madrid soccer star Sami Khedira cupping the boobs of his pretty and sexy naked girlfriend Lena Gercke, a German model, has sent three innocent Tunisian journalists of the daily Attounissia to detention for daring to publish it. The handsome Sanni who is German Tunisian was dressed in a dinner jacket and using his hands to cover the boobs of the nude Lena Gercke.

The Tunisian prosecutor ordered the arrest and detention of the newspaper’s Publisher, Nasreddine Ben Said, the Editor-in-Chief, Hbib Guizani; and the Editor of the world section, Hedi Hidhri. They were charged with an assault on public morality.

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