Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why The Plot To Impeach President Goodluck Jonathan Failed

President Goodluck Jonathan. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

Nigerians Report is yet to verify the purported plot to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan, but was reported to have failed.

The plot was hatched in the U.S. to impeach him before the approval of the 2012 Budget and to stop the removal of the fuel subsidy on petrol. Top oil marketers of the cabal and legislators conspired in the plot, including the richest black man on earth according to the Forbes magazine. The plot leaked to President Goodluck Jonathan and the evidence is all on tape. That was why he hurriedly announced the removal of the fuel subsidy on petrol ahead of the scheduled deregulation of the downstream sector later in the year.

The plotters who have scammed the government for years are even major donors and sponsors of first Presidential Library in Nigeria and also sponsored the election of President Goodluck Jonathan. But can the President have the balls to prosecute the sacred cows who presently are above the law, because the law is an ass in country where there is a culture of impunity where public administration is an institution of corruption.The plotters are the enemies of Nigeria.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi

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