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Actress Finally Speaks Out About Bullying in Hollywood

Nicole Crowther

19 Aug 2011 18:25 Africa/Lagos

Actress Finally Speaks Out About Bullying in Hollywood

PR Newswire

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 19, 2011

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- After wrapping her new film "Spin", actress Nicole Crowther finally feels comfortable enough to respond to the firestorm that erupted from an innocent tweet that revealed the ending of the popular Prom episode of Fox's hit show 'Glee'.

'Glee' writer, producer and creator Brad Falchuk took to the offensive by Tweeting "@nicolecrowther Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment". [EDITOR'S NOTE: photo of tweet is available upon request]

Crowther says she never understood why this situation demanded this amount of attention. “I wasn’t even working on the show at the time. The tweet was simply a rumor.” Now she’s had time to reflect upon the consequences of her tweet on ‘Glee’ but believes it was used to spin even more interest in the last episode of the program. “I felt bullied, used, and tossed away. It is difficult...still...that Brad [Falchuk] had no remorse, or offered no help in stemming the tide of mean and frightening responses engendered by his actions. ”

"I feel Brad used the tweet as a publicity stunt. After all, how much damage could a tweet to 1,500 followers cause? Ratings shot up for the telecast and I received open fan threats and I almost lost my role in 'Spin'. Then on top of it all, ['Glee' Casting Director] Mike [Passine] said 'I will give you ONE more chance before I make sure you don't work background again.'" [EDITOR'S NOTE: photo of email is available upon request]

With a successful feature under her belt Crowther says she's finally emerged from the depression that nearly ended her career before it truly began. "I reopened my social media accounts and I'm going out on more auditions."

Crowther plans to take an activist role, "I am ready to deliver my anti-bullying message to people who have suffered a similar plight. In this day, it's not acceptable that people can get away with this type of character assassination."

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Anonymous said...

I see she failed to mention how she was kicked off set for the one day she was there for unprofessional behavior. Or that she would try to befriend regular background in order to get information to tweet about. That all the regular background who had nothing to do with it were also in danger of being on a Do Not Return list for Fox as a result of her actions. I guess she forgot to mention that. That Brad Falchuck's article was in reaction to other tweets saying Glee was bullying her. It was her callous attitude that resulted in the article in the Hollywood Reporter not just the behavior. This girl has no idea how much stress and issues she put the professional background through because she decided she wanted some attention. These tweets were not harmless. People lost out on days of work and to a background actor that is a ton of money.