Thursday, August 18, 2011

70% of 12 million Nigerians Overseas Are Igbos

Majority of Nigerians overseas are in the US and UK.

Do you know that 70 percent of 12 million Nigerians overseas are Igbos? And 30 percent of them are from Abia State. Moreover, these Nigerians abroad remit over N23 billion every year according to Dr. kalu Kalu Diogu, leader of the Abia State Indigenes in Diaspora and a past Chairman of World Igbo Congress (WIC)

Last year 30 million Africans across the globe invested $40 billion into the continent's economy. And Nigerians accounted for about 55 percent of the money. Nigerians in in Diaspora remitted total of sum of $18 billion in 2009.

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Jude Chukwuemeka said...

Isn't this why many Nigerians are being chased out of South Africa at present? It's a shameful thing what's going on.