Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nigeria, The Truth and the Hypocrisy of Humanity

The most brutish and foolish creatures on earth must be Africans, from Nigeria to Rwanda and from the Sudan to the Congo. Africans have committed more atrocities in Africa since the independence of African countries than the atrocities of the imperialists in two centuries.

The rest of the world said they were shocked by the Rwanda holocaust, but more people are being killed in the Congo and yet we have not done anything to stop it. The emergency in the Congo is worse than the Darfur crisis, but how many times have we seen the horrors making headlines online and offline?

I have decided to be distant from the hordes of hypocrites who claim to be citizen journalists and human rights activists in the blogosphere and claiming to be global voices or whatever tag they use for their hypocritical impressionism, but have not addressed the emergencies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Others among them are busy looking for American and Western European endorsements for their gay rights and other Sexual perversions and feminist rights while thousands of fellow humans are being killed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and women are being raped, murdered in honor killings and other violent crimes. The Muslims among them would prefer to cover up the Thousands of Women Killed for Family "Honor" in the falsehood of their satanic religion.

They are busy counting hits, unique visitors and contesting for Webby or other impressionistic awards, but how many of them are competing for the best reports on the 5,400,000 Dead in Congo?

Today is June 12 Day in Nigeria to mark the 15 years of the undemocratic annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, and remember the martyrdom of Chief M.K.O. Abiola. But from the news making headlines in Nigeria, from the Niger Delta crisis to the catastrophic pipeline explosions and from electoral malpractices to the perpetuation of corruption in the corridors of power, we can see that the majority of Nigerians have not learnt lessons from the terrible mistakes of the past as Nigeria has gone to the dogs. Almost everybody in Nigeria behaves like a dog. They are either the top dogs or the street dogs, but dogs are dogs. They are the most unscrupulous people on earth. Shameless liars, crooks, rogues, prostitutes, parasites, ingrates and opportunists living in in a state of infamy and ignominy.

I have addressed the corruption plaguing Nigeria and the solution in Dear Nigerians, Only The Best Is Good Enough For Us.

God bless those who speak the truth and damn the wrath of the earth.

Read "The Mandate of MKO Abiola"
by Adeleke O. Adeyemi

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